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24/1/2002                 Copyright Pic : James Stewart                     .File Name : stewart-linn press conf 10.INSPECTOR BRIAN HENCHER AND DCI HECTOR CAIRNS OF CENTRAL SCOTLAND POLICE TALKS TO THE MEDIA AT THE PRESS CONFERENCE GIVING DETAILS OF THE PROPOSED SEARCH FOR THE BODY OF GARY LINN AT  AVONDALE LANDFILL SITE NEAR GRANGEMOUTH.....(see copy from Jim Davis).....James Stewart Photo Agency, Stewart House, Stewart Road, Falkirk. FK2 7AS      Vat Reg No. 607 6932 25.Office : +44 (0)1324 630007     .Mobile : + 44 (0)7721 416997.Fax     :  +44 (0)1324 630007.E-mail : you require further information then contact Jim Stewart on any of the numbers above.........