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24/10/2008  Collect Pic: James Stewart.File Name : sct_jspa04_pows.COLLECT PICS TO GO WITH TOM KLYE STORY.EIGHTEEN BRITISH EVADERS ARE PICKED UP BY BRITISH DESTROYER, HMS KELVIN OFF THE COAST OF NORTH AFRICA... AMONGST THEM IS JOHN CHRISTIE WHO ESCAPE FROM A POW COLOUMN IN NORTHERN FRANCE AND THEN MADE HIS WAY SOUTH TO UNOCCUPIED SOUTHERN FRANCE....James Stewart Photo Agency 19 Carronlea Drive, Falkirk. FK2 8DN      Vat Reg No. 607 6932 25.Studio      : +44 (0)1324 611191 .Mobile      : +44 (0)7721 416997.E-mail  : you require further information then contact Jim Stewart on any of the numbers above........