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31st  October  2000      Copyright Pic : James Stewart .Ref :                           .File Name : stewart02-david stirling .FOUNDER OF THE SAS DAVID STIRLING, SEATED ON FLOOR, PICTURED AS A BOY WITH HIS FAMILY TE STIRLINGS OF KEIR.... DAVID STIRLING IS TO HAVE A STATUE ERECTED IN HIS HONOUR AT HIS FAMILY ESTATE NEAR STIRLING..... (photograph taken from The Authorised Biography of David Stirling).....(see copy from George Mair / Tim Bugler).......Payments to :-.James Stewart Photo Agency, Stewart House, Stewart Road, Falkirk. FK2 7AS      Vat Reg No. 607 6932 25.Office : +44 (0) 1324 630007        Mobile : 07721 416997.Fax     : +44 (0) 1324 630007.E-mail : you require further information then contact Jim Stewart on any of the numbers above.........