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12/03/2003                   Copyright Pic : James Stewart.File Name : stewart-big in falkirk 05.FALKIRK PROVOST JIM JOHNSTON RECEIVES THE ATTENTION OF STREET PERFORMERS ANDY WHARHOL (GLEN DICKSON), VAN GOGH ( ANDY TOWNSLEY) AND FRENCH IMPRESSIONIST PAINTER MATISE (MARTIN CAMPBELL), FROM THE INTERACTIVE PERFORMANCE COMPANY MISCHIEF LA BAS AS HE ANNOUNCES THE TOWN'S "BIG IN FALKIRK" STREET ARTS FESTIVAL "BIG IN FALKIRK"..... .James Stewart Photo Agency, 19 Carronlea Drive, Falkirk. FK2 8DN      Vat Reg No. 607 6932 25.Office     : +44 (0)1324 570906     .Mobile  : +44 (0)7721 416997.Fax         :  +44 (0)1324 570906.E-mail  : you require further information then contact Jim Stewart on any of the numbers above.........