James Stewart Photography

Client Gallery Instructions

Recently uploaded galleries can either be seen in the Photowall or, for companies with download access, by clicking on the Galleries link and then selecting your company's gallery.

Or if your company has been supplied with a dedicated Image Gallery simply type in the web address, which is normaly in the following format... www.jspa.co.uk/yourcompany

Once you have located your gallery simply click once. Then enter password as supplied (if required).

To view the larger, individual image, click on the thumbnail.

There are various privileges assigned to each gallery, depending on the license agreed by James Stewart. 
Viewing Only - Download - Online Ordering

  • Viewing Only : The client has the opportunity to view the images so that they can select the ones that they wish to purchase. 

    Simply take a note of the file name and then contact James Stewart to discuss your requirements and the products on offer.
  • Download : Clients who have a licence to download can do so by either (or both of) the following methods. 

    To download the entire gallery click on the Batch Download link to the top right of the thumbnails. Then follow the on screen instructions.

    To download individual images, click on the thumbnail to bring up the individual image. Then click on the Download link to the right of the larger image and then follow the on screen instructions.
  • Online Ordering : Certain galleries have a facility which allows for online ordering of prints and products.

    To order a specific image, click on the thumbnail to bring up the larger image and then click "Add to Cart".

    Select the quantiy and size etc from the menu and then click either "Add to Cart" if you want to purchase further items, or "Add and Checkout" to proceed to the checkout.

    Follow the on screen instruction on how to complete the order and to pay.


If you have any further questions or problems relating to the web gallery then please do not hesitate to contact me.